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Demystifying Graphic Design Jargon: From Logos to Mockups

September 02, 20233 min read

Get ready to unravel the captivating world of graphic design terminology! iMPRESS is your guide to understanding the lingo wielded by graphic designers in the Adobe realm. We're about to embark on a journey that's not just informative but also downright enjoyable as we decode these essential terms and reveal why they're indispensable for businesses like yours.

Logo: Your Brand's Visual Signature! A logo isn't just an image; it's your business's face in the crowd. It's crucial to grasp this term because a memorable logo is how you leave an indelible mark on your audience.

Emblem: The Visual Storyteller! Emblems are your silent storytellers, painting a vivid picture without uttering a word. Harness emblems to brand your products, services, events, and beyond.

Bleed: Where Magic Meets the Edge! Bleed is the guardian of your design's impeccable appearance. It ensures your creation stretches gracefully beyond the page, preventing those unsightly borders that scream amateur. When iMPRESS requests that you "add bleed", we are requesting that the document size be increased and the background images extended to the edge.

Vector: The Graphics Superhero! Vectors are your design's best friend. They maintain their crispness no matter how you stretch or shrink them. Requiring this output from your designers ensures your logos and artwork always look sharp and professional.

PDF: Your design's secure passport! PDFs maintain your design's integrity, making it essential for sharing and printing while preserving fonts, images, and layout.

High-Resolution: Precision in Pixels! High-res images are the key to a crisp, professional look in both print and web. This term is essential; low-res just won't do your brand justice. High-resolution typically applies to JPEG or PNG files and is required for high-quality print results.

Font Types: A World of Letters! Font types encompass diverse styles, from elegant scripts to modern sans-serif fonts. Grasping this term allows you to choose fonts that suit your brand's personality and message.

Brand/Branding: Your Business's Personality! Understanding this term unlocks the magic of crafting a consistent and relatable brand identity. It's the secret sauce to making your brand resonate with your audience.

Tone: The Mood Maestro! Tone sets the emotional stage for your design. Mastering this term allows you to ensure your visuals strike the right chords with your target audience.

Pantone: Pantone colors are your guarantee of consistent hues across media. This term ensures your brand's colors are always on point, even in the diverse world of printing.

Fill: Coloring Creatively! Mastery of this term lets you control the colors inside shapes, text, or objects within your design, unleashing your creative spirit.

Stroke: The Art of Outlining! Strokes add character and emphasis to your elements. Knowing this term is like having a magic wand to highlight, outline, or give your design that extra flair.

Opacity: The Power of Transparency! At its core, opacity is the degree of transparency or lack of transparency in an element. Understanding opacity allows you to play with layers, create depth, and spotlight essential areas in your design with finesse.

Mockup: Dress Rehearsals in Pixels! Mockups provide a sneak peek into how your design will look in real-world scenarios, be it packaging, websites, or promotional materials.

Proof: The Final Inspection! A proof is your last chance to give the thumbs up before your design goes live. It's like a dress rehearsal, ensuring everything is just perfect.

Color Front and Back 4/4 vs. 1/1: Design Choices, Defined! Knowing these options empowers you to decide whether you want vibrant, full-color printing on both sides (4/4) or a simpler, black and white approach on both sides (1/1).

See? Graphic design lingo doesn't have to be a snooze-fest! Embrace these terms, and you'll not only communicate seamlessly with your graphic designer but also make informed design decisions that'll take your brand to new heights. Stay tuned for more design adventures with iMPRESS!

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Justin Daly

Marketing Director for iMPRESS Marketing & Print.

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