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The Role of Logos and Branding in Business Identity

August 24, 20233 min read

When it comes to your business, who are you? More precisely, who does your business relate to? Your logo and branding serve as the tangible representations of your business identity. Understanding the significance of branding is crucial for developing a lasting and relatable brand. In this blog, we'll explore a fresh perspective on logos and branding, expanding your skills in crafting a brand identity that resonates.

Logos - The Face of Your Business: Consider your logo as the face of your business among the crowd. Just as we recognize people by their distinct facial features, a logo allows people to identify your business instantly. A traditional logo encompasses three essential elements:

  • Logo Type: Beyond standard text, a logo type should showcase a unique typeset. Experiment with different fonts, mix them, adjust them, or add complementary elements. For instance, our iMPRESS logo features a manipulated font to stand out among text.

    iMPRESS logo typeset

  • Emblem: Think of the emblem as the image component of your logo. An image often speaks volumes, simplifying the need for excessive words. Create an emblem that encapsulates your business's essence or values, using relatable imagery. Our triangle logo signifies the path of success for business owners with a gender-neutral color tone.

    Triangle Logo for iMPRESS

  • Qualifier: The qualifier or signature complements your logo, offering additional information. It can be a message or supporting details about your business. Ensure it remains legible even in smaller placements. Our iMPRESS qualifier concisely highlights our main services, Marketing & Print.

Full iMPRESS Logo

Branding - Shaping Your Business Personality: If the logo is your business's face, branding is its personality. People perceive personalities through tone, discussions, attire, associations, and more. Importantly, we're drawn to what we relate to or find intriguing. The beauty of branding lies in its flexibility; you have the freedom to design your brand personality. The key lies in understanding your demographic—those most likely to buy your product. Craft a brand that resonates with your target age group, gender, and more.

Imagine you're a 60-year-old woman seeking a supplement for health and boosted nutrients. You encounter two brands with similar products. One emphasizes health and nutrition, with soothing colors, a heart logo, and content focused on wellness. The other promotes muscle gain, showcasing a dumbbell logo in bold colors, and content centered around dating and summer bodies. Which one would you choose? Your branding defines how your audience perceives you.

While you can market using both of the above brand examples, consistency is key. Targeting your demographic with a consistent and relatable message is more effective than attempting different branding strategies. A cohesive brand that your audience relates to will have a more lasting impact.

Crafting Your Brand: Designing a brand is unique to every business, yet creating a Brand Guide is a universal step once your branding is established. A Brand Guide serves as a reference for graphic designers, web developers, and creatives throughout your business's life. It solidifies your logo, Pantone colors, typography, emblems, mission statement, and more. Check out our Brand Guide as an example: PDF Page.

Creating your logo and branding is an opportunity to express yourself to your audience. Enjoy the process and always keep your audience in mind. They're the ones receiving your branding and deciding whether they resonate with it. Create a logo that captures attention, is easily recognizable, stands out, and conveys who you are. Design branding with colors, shapes, and tones that speak to your brand and audience, fostering a connection that feels personal.

Who does your business relate to? Let's ensure your brand resonates with your audience!

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Justin Daly

Marketing Director for iMPRESS Marketing & Print.

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